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1) Website owner


The service and online store of florists »is run by the company:


Czar Kwiatów florist

ul. Panewnicka 79

40-761 Katowice

tel. (+48) 512 16-63-76 (24h)

NIP 6342656586

REGON 240773845


2) Orders


The company accepts orders for the delivery of flowers through the online shop », by phone or e-mail» and at our company's headquarters ». We prefer placing an order via the online store. The payment for the order takes place via the online store or payment / transfer to a bank account.

We deliver the goods in the city of Katowice and its vicinity, i.e. up to 20 km from the city. 

Flowers are delivered throughout the week on the date selected by the ordering party.

Our privacy policy can be found here.

WARNING!!! Orders for SUNDAY should be placed by SATURDAY by 12.00 at the latest. 

The order may be delivered on the same day on which the order is placed.

The cost of delivering the goods within the city limits is free of charge for bouquets visible in the online store. Night deliveries (i.e. after 9 p.m. and before 9 a.m.) require contact with the florist (an additional surcharge may be required then).

Ordering flowers outside the city of Katowice requires checking the appropriate box in the basket (additional fee depending on the distance, counting on the main exit roads from the city).

It is in the interest of the customer to provide correct address details of the recipient, in particular, it is worth describing the place of delivery if the address is difficult to locate (no street light, no indication of the house number, inoperative intercom, etc.).

Czar Kwiatów Katowice will make every effort to solve any problems with the delivery of flowers. That is why it is worth providing your telephone number (mobile phone in particular) and the recipient of flowers, if known, in order to be able to call from the place where the flowers were delivered and to solve any problems (e.g. intercom not working - unable to reach the addressee).

The company is not responsible for any problems caused by providing incorrect address data by the ordering party and ignoring the messages on the website.

If the courier does not find the recipient at the given address, he will try to leave the parcel with the nearest neighbors (at the reception for an order to the hotel), if this also turns out to be impossible, we will contact the ordering party. It is possible to re-deliver flowers in Katowice, free of charge, if the addressee is not found, please indicate it in the comments to the order (this note does not apply on February 14, March 8, May 26).

For orders placed approximately 4 hours before the planned delivery, please confirm by phone before placing them electronically, especially when the place of delivery is outside Katowice or during popular days such as March 8, February 14 or May 26.

An order paid by postal order should be placed about 3 days before the date of delivery (alternatively, you can send a scan / photo of the postal order to our e-mail address).

Placing an order electronically (e.g. an online store) or by phone is considered to be a contract for the delivery of flowers and means the need to settle the resulting obligation through one of the selected payment channels or a traditional postal order or cash payment at the company's premises.

By placing an order, you accept these regulations, all deviations from the provisions of these regulations must be agreed in advance with the store staff.

The order will be processed only after paying for it by transfer to our bank account or electronic payment via the online shop (card, bank transfer). In some cases, we can execute the order after presenting the proof of transfer, please contact the store staff.

We cannot guarantee precise delivery times on days such as January 21, March 8, February 14, May 26, December 6, but we will try to fulfill your request. On public holidays, the florist may make limited deliveries of flowers, if the delivery of the selected bouquet is not possible, the florist will contact the ordering party.

All prices of flowers, gifts and services are gross prices.


3) Goods


We guarantee the freshness of flowers purchased in our company, but we expect that they will be cared for in an appropriate manner.

The bouquet is an artistic work and therefore small changes in relation to the offer from the photos are allowed.

In exceptional cases, it may be necessary to replace one flower with another - due to the lack of a given product (especially  this applies to "last minute" orders). However, the product we replace with the missing one will always be of similar quality - not worse, of a similar price, color or quantity. So that the appearance of the bouquet and the price for the bouquet are kept and the customer is satisfied.

In cases where major changes are necessary, we will contact the ordering party to arrange the details.

Complaints may be submitted in writing or by e-mail within 3 days from the date of receipt of the ordered products. We consider complaints within 24 hours of receiving it.

When printing a ticket, we correct spelling errors by default.


4) Other provisions

We are not responsible for the inability to deliver flowers to places such as: military units, infectious hospitals, special zones with no entry (prisons and companies with restrictive entry policies, e.g. bank headquarters). In the event of the above-mentioned circumstances, Czar Kwiatów Katowice undertakes to inform the customer about this fact and its reasons as soon as possible.

We cannot guarantee the selected time of delivery in the event of major, paralyzing communication problems in the city of Katowice (extensive traffic jams).

In the event of cancellation of the order, after making the payment and at the same time before fulfilling the obligations of the florist (e.g. making a bouquet or attempting to deliver it) and before the florist buys the necessary materials, we return the funds paid, reduced by 5% of handling costs. If it is not possible to complete the order due to the fault of the florist or if the customer withdraws from the contract within 14 days pursuant to the Act (Journal of Laws No. 22, of March 31, 2000, item 271, as amended), we return 100% of the funds.

In matters not covered by these regulations, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and the Commercial Code shall apply

Refusal to accept flowers by the person indicated in the order means that the service has been completed. Unclaimed bouquet can be picked up from our company headquarters on the date indicated by us. The refusal to accept flowers by the recipient will be notified to the ordering person as soon as possible.

The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving reasons within 14 days of completing the order, but in accordance with the Act (Journal of Laws No. 22, of March 31, 2000, item 271, as amended), the withdrawal excludes the possibility of terminating the contract for perishable products (e.g. flower bouquets) and food.

The florist's online payment system is operated by PayU, DotPay and PayPal.

The florist will not attach the ticket if it contains illegal content (e.g. threats or insults against any person).

"The user ordering flowers should use an up-to-date and modern web browser capable of handling the http and https protocols and sending and sending data to the florists' IT system and companies that support payments using these protocols. The user's web browser should accept temporary cookies."

By using the website, both being logged in and not logged in, the user agrees to receive and process cookies by the website.

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