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  • How can I make a purchase when the flowers are delivered? "
    Flowers are delivered free of charge throughout the week (Monday-Sunday), normally from 9:00 to 21:00 (night delivery is also possible, please contact us). We leave the choice of the date and suggested hours of flower delivery to you. We can also deliver on holidays or at other times (for example, in the middle of the night), but this requires consultation with us before placing the order in order to arrange the details.Flower delivery is possible on the same day the order is placed, we deliver flowers even within 1-2 hours. Flowers, you can also order flowers by phone: +48 512 166 376and at the headquarters of our company in Katowice (ul. Panewnicka 79)
  • Regulations for orders in a florist
    1) Site owner The website and the florist's online store »is run by the company:Czar Kwiatów floristul. Panewnicka 7940-761 Katowicetel. (+48) 512 16-63-76 (24h)NIP 6342656586REGON 240773845e-mail contact form » 2) Orders The company accepts orders for the delivery of flowers through the online store, by phone or e-mail and at our company's headquarters. We prefer placing an order via the online store. Payment for the order is made via the online store or payment / transfer to a bank account. We deliver the goods within the city of Katowice and its vicinity, i.e. up to 20 km from the city.Flowers are delivered throughout the week on the date selected by the ordering party. ATTENTION !!! Orders for SUNDAY should be placed by SATURDAY by 12.00 at the latest. The order may be delivered on the same day on which the order is placed. The cost of delivering goods within the city limits is free for bouquets visible in the online store. Overnight deliveries (i.e. after 9 p.m. and before 9 a.m.) require contact with the florist (additional payment may be required then). Ordering flowers outside the city of Katowice requires checking the appropriate box in the basket (additional fee depending on the distance, counting on the main exit roads from the city). It is in the interest of the customer to provide the correct address details of the recipient, in particular, it is worth describing the place of delivery if the address is difficult to locate (no street light, no indication of the house number, broken intercom, etc.). Czar Kwiatów Katowice will make every effort to solve any problems with flower delivery. That is why it is worth providing your telephone number (mobile phone in particular) and the recipient of flowers, if known, in order to be able to call from the place where the flowers were delivered and to solve any problems (e.g. intercom not working - unable to reach the addressee). The company is not responsible for any problems caused by providing incorrect address data by the ordering party and ignoring the messages on the website. If the courier does not find the recipient at the given address, he will try to leave the parcel with the nearest neighbors (at the reception for an order to the hotel), if this also turns out to be impossible, we will contact the ordering party. Free delivery of flowers in Katowice is possible, if the addressee is not found, please indicate it in the remarks to the order (this remark does not apply on February 14, March 8, May 26). Orders placed about 4 hours before the planned delivery, please confirm by phone before placing them electronically, especially when the place of delivery is outside Katowice or during popular days such as March 8, February 14 or May 26. An order paid by postal order should be placed about 3 days before the date of delivery (or you can send a scan / photo of the postal order to our e-mail address). Placing an order by e-mail (e.g. an online store) or by phone is considered to be a contract for the delivery of flowers and means the need to settle the resulting obligation through one of the selected payment channels or traditional postal order or cash payment at the company's premises. Placing an order means acceptance of these regulations, all deviations from the provisions of these regulations should be agreed in advance with the store staff. The order will be processed only after paying for it by transfer to our bank account or electronic payment via the online shop (card, bank transfer). In some cases, we can execute the order after presenting the proof of transfer, please contact the shop staff. We cannot guarantee precise delivery times on January 21st, March 8th, February 14th, May 26th, December 6th, but we will do our best to fulfill your request. On public holidays, the florist may make limited deliveries of flowers, if the delivery of the selected bouquet is not possible, the florist will contact the ordering party. All prices of flowers, gifts and services are gross prices. 3) Merchandise We guarantee the freshness of the flowers purchased in our company, but we expect them to be cared for in an appropriate manner. The bouquet is an artistic work and therefore small changes are allowed compared to the offer from the photos. In exceptional cases, it may be necessary to replace one flower with another - due to the lack of a given product (especially this applies to "last minute" orders). However, the product we replace with the missing one will always be of similar quality - not worse, of a similar price, color or quantity. So that the appearance of the bouquet and the price for the bouquet are kept and the customer is satisfied.In cases where major changes are necessary, we will contact the ordering party to arrange the details. Complaints may be submitted in writing or by e-mail within 3 days from the date of receipt of the ordered products. We consider complaints within 24 hours of receiving it. When printing a tag, we correct spelling mistakes by default. 4) Other provisions We are not responsible for the inability to deliver flowers to places such as military units, infectious hospitals, special zones with no entry (prisons and companies with restrictive entry policies, e.g. bank headquarters). In the event of the above-described circumstances, Czar Kwiatów Katowice undertakes to inform the Customer about this fact and its reasons as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee the selected delivery time in the event of major, paralyzing communication problems in the city of Katowice (extensive traffic jams). In the event of cancellation of the order, after paying the payment, and at the same time before the florist's obligations (e.g. making a bouquet or an attempt to deliver it) and before the florist buys the necessary materials, we return the funds paid, reduced by 5% of handling costs. If it is not possible to complete the order due to the fault of the florist or if the customer withdraws from the contract within 14 days pursuant to the Act (Journal of Laws No. 22, of March 31, 2000, item 271, as amended), we return 100% of the funds. < / p> In matters not covered by these regulations, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code and Commercial Code apply. The refusal to accept flowers by the person indicated in the order means that the service has been completed. Unclaimed bouquet can be picked up from our company headquarters on the date indicated by us. The recipient's refusal to accept flowers will be notified to the ordering person as soon as possible. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving reasons within 14 days of completing the order, however, in accordance with the Act (Journal of Laws No. 22, of March 31, 2000, item 271, as amended), the withdrawal excludes the possibility of termination of the contract for perishable products (e.g. bouquets of flowers) and food items. The online payment system for florists is operated by PayU, DotPay and PayPal. The florist will not attach the ticket if it contains illegal content (e.g. threats or insults against any person). "The user ordering flowers should use an up-to-date and modern web browser capable of handling the http and https protocols and sending and sending data to the florist's IT system and companies that support payments using these protocols. The user's web browser should accept temporary cookies. By using the website, both being logged in and not logged in, the user agrees to receive and process cookies by the website.
  • Can I order something other than what is shown in the offer?
    Of course, you can order a bouquet according to your own idea, you can also order the purchase of an additional gift that you want to give with flowers. We will deliver them to the place - to your home, business in Katowice and the surrounding area on a selected day at a convenient time.You can draw inspiration from the bouquets placed in our online store », the products can also be further modified according to your needs. We are open to any suggestions! Please describe the bouquet, the composition you want to order, you can attach a photo. The contact form can be found in the "contact" section. We reply to e-mails within a few hours, often within a few minutes :-). You can always call us and discuss the order by phone ...
  • Should flowers be looked after, if so, how? "
    Pot and cut flowers require care from us so that they please our eye for as long as possible. Here are some tips: To make flowers last longer and develop better, add a little nutrient to a clean container of water. Remember to use the manufacturer's recommended proportions, and wash the vases carefully. Check the amount of water every day, as some flowers need a lot of it, especially in summer the evaporation of the leaves is high, flowers should not be placed in drafts and in very sunny places, because they sag. The stem, for example roses, should be trimmed under water (we will avoid air pockets) with a sharp knife by 2 to 5 cm diagonally. Never break or crush the stalks, even the woody ones! This will allow the cut plant to have better access to water, Leaves contaminate the water in the vase and shorten the life of the flowers. Therefore, the lower leaves should be removed so that they are not immersed in water. check that the flowers are fresh. Do not buy flowers with yellowed or wilted buds and leaves. How to keep your roses healthy? After receiving the flowers, the stem should be cut diagonally at least. 2-3 cm, just before placing in the vase 3/4 filled with room temperature water. This will prevent the end of the stem from getting air in it, which can block water from reaching the flower. It is recommended to trim the rose daily as above. Avoid exposing flowers to a sunny place and in drafts (open window). Avoid large temperature differences in winter. It is recommended to check the stiffness of rose petals daily. Should the petals become softer (as a rule the rose becomes "air-stuck"), resuscitation measures should be taken. Reanimation of the rose Please cut the stem about 10cm diagonally under water (cut in a vase) or cut it diagonally about 10cm and put the end of the stem into boiling water for 10 seconds. If this does not work, the rose should be shortened again until it starts to "pull" the water - it becomes firm. Shortening the stem allows you to get rid of the air "plug" that is blocking the water uptake.
  • Privacy Policy
    You provide your data to our company »(which is the administrator of this data) because it is required to complete the order (contract) for our products and services or to contact you. Remember that your personal data belongs to you. Why do we ask for your personal data and what do we do with it? We are pleased to inform you about it below. We must provide this information because it is the law, but in short, personal data is needed to deliver the order and to properly handle the payment or write back to the e-mail. 1) Data Our company uses only personal data that you voluntarily provide us directly, i.e. through the ordering process in our online store or through another channel (e-mail, telephone). The basis for processing is your consent expressed during the process of concluding the contract for the services we provide (on this page). We use the following data: name and address of the sender and recipient, phone numbers, billing address (Invoice), e-mail address, payment information, IP address, the type of end device used (browser, operating system, etc.) As you may understand, we need information about the delivery address so that we can deliver your order to you or to the person you specify. You can also register as a customer. In addition to the personal data you provide, we also save the name you choose, ie "login". As you have probably noticed on the order form, we only need a minimum amount of data, we do not ask about age, gender, occupation and the like! 2) Security We protect all information that you provide to us using the most modern techniques. You don't want your data suddenly on the street. We do not pass them on unfoundedly to anyone. If you need to disclose your data to third parties (payment systems, see below), be sure that they are safe and secure companies. We do not cooperate with spammers, we do not trade personal data! 3) Data retention periods We store your personal data for as long as is necessary to process your order. Then we store them for our own use for a maximum of 7 years. After this period, the personal data will be deleted, unless we have to keep it for legal reasons. Example? We are required by law to keep your payment information for seven years. If you have created an account on the website, your data is stored until you express your will to stop. Other legal provisions regulate, for example, a 6-year period in which claims can be made as to the service provided, also this provision imposes the storage of data longer than the day of the transaction itself. 4) Goals The data we receive from you is used for the following purposes: Order delivery: of course we use the data to process your order. In some cases, we may also share data with the companies we work with to process your order. See point 5 for more information. Payment processing: The companies that support our payment systems (listed below) require us to provide your name and email address when initiating a new transaction. This is standard procedure. Response to inquiry: If you have a question regarding an order, please contact us by e-mail or by phone. In order to successfully reply to your e-mail address, we will ask for your return address and, additionally, we can ask for your name so that the company-customer relationship has a more personal dimension. To help you even more, we may collect your location data (GPS) in the future. If we need them, we will ask for such permission! Remember that you decide what information you give us. We are not forcing you to do anything. 5) Third Parties In some cases, we may share data with companies we work with, the so-called "Third parties". These companies help us handle orders properly. In particular, financial intermediation services require us to provide your name and e-mail address in order to make payments on our website. Remember that these data may be forwarded by them, e.g. to your Bank or organizations servicing your payment card. We can use: /, a financial intermediation service run by a company under the name of PayU S.A. with headquarters in Poznań, ul. Grunwaldzka 182, 60-166 Poznań, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000274399, whose registration files are kept by the District Court Poznań - Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, 8th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, NIP 7792308495, REGON 300523444 < / p>, a financial intermediation service run by a company under the name Dotpay sp.z o.o. with headquarters in Krakow, ul. Wielicka 72, 30-552 Kraków, entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000700791, the registration files of which are kept by the District Court for Kraków - Śródmieście in Kraków, 11th Commercial Division, National Court Register NIP 6342661860, REGON 240770255,, a financial intermediation service run by a company under the name (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. based in Luxembourg (R.C.S. Luxembourg B 118 349) Providers of navigation / mapping software such as Google Maps may store and process (location) data. It is also possible that the data is used by Google. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this, so if you would like to know more about it, see the privacy policy of the companies mentioned. Google and the Analitycs service (anonymized data such as what pages you visited, when and how long you spent time on them and what end device you were browsing these resources). 6) Cookies We use cookies and we do this to ensure that our website performs optimally. Thanks to this, you can enjoy fast and safe shopping. The florist uses cookies to ensure the proper functionality of the online store. By using this website, you consent to our use of cookies. Find out more about cookies »and how to manage them. 7) Changing the privacy policy In order to inform you about our use of your personal data in the best possible way, we update this privacy policy from time to time. Therefore, we recommend that you read it regularly. 8) Viewing, changing, deleting data or other matters You can send a request to view, edit, delete or transfer your personal data. For example, you can check if your details are correct. Do you want to know what information you have provided to us or do you want to limit its use? You can also ask for this. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us by sending an email via the contact department or to our company address directly. Remember that we will carry out a thorough verification before sharing this data, be prepared for it - it is not enough that an outsider would impersonate you and obtain such data! 9) Complaints or questions? We are happy to help if you have complaints about how we process your personal data. Write us an e-mail or in the traditional way. You can also appeal to the Polish Office for Personal Data Protection.
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